Peter Island

Peter Island is a private island just five miles southwest of Tortola. At almost 1,800 acres (720 hectares), Peter Island is the fifth largest island in the British Virgin Islands. Owned by the Van Andel family (co-owners of the Amway Corporation), Peter Island is a hot spot for visitors. With beautiful beaches, a premier hotel, and a luxurious spa, it is one of the most popular islands in the area.

The History of Peter Island

Peter Island is named after Pieter Adriensen, who was known by the nickname “The Commander.” Peter was the brother of Abrahama Adriensen, the Patron of Tortola under the Dutch West India Company. Pieter built a fort on the island in the early 17th century with Joost van Dyk, the namesake of the fourth-largest island in the Virgin Islands, Jost Van Dyke.

Peter Island has hosted many notable visitors over the years, including Christopher Columbus, Sir Francis Drake, and the infamous Blackbeard. In the 1960’s, Torolf Smedvig purchased the island. A Norwegian businessman, Torolf spent years renovating the structures on the island and converting it to a premier tourist destination. Torlof added the harbor, the marina, a clubhouse, and many other structures during his time on the island.

In 1978, the island was sold with the intention of creating a true resort to the Amway Corporation. The passionate sailors dedicated themselves to creating a world-class resort and experience. Preserving the natural beauty and utilizing the pristine setting, the Peter Island Resort and Spa was born. The Van Andel family were transferred ownership of the island in 2001, and continue to take care of this beautiful resort.

Visiting the Island

Peter Island is a private island, and they do cater to their resort guests. However, individuals can take a day trip to visit. You may take a ferry from Tortola which runs regularly, and guests can enjoy the beach, book an appointment at their spa, or enjoy a meal at their restaurant. As a guest of the island, you can enjoy the beautiful walks, views, and swimming.

Our crew on Tehiya has a longstanding relationship with the team on Peter Island, and many guests enjoy visiting. Whether you would like to treat yourself to a spa treatment, dine at their wonderful restaurant, or go for a little hike, Peter Island is a great stop during your charter.

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